Honeycomb ROM For HTC Hero[Only Dev]

No sooner the honeycomb was released by Google, Developers have already started working on the port of honeycomb on several devices.

HTC Hero may be an old phone but the Android is not Old for it. This device was released with the Android version 2.1 but later was updated to Android 2.2 with htc sense.

Htc may have stopped support for the device but Developers and hackers have not left this device to die….

To recent note The latest Honeycomb version of android has been ported to HTC Hero and polishing work is being done to make it work for the device without any bug.

Before you jump up let warn you that This rom is not for use in daily life, simply because its not fully functional. This rom is for you if you love experimenting to your phone. it wont cause any harm if you do it correctly.

Lets see whats working:–

  • The Honeycomb UI is fully functional.
  • Touchscreen is working. However if you seem to loose it, press search button and then back.
  • USB connection.
  • LED’s are working.
  • Settings are accessible.
  • Rotation can be a bit tricky and amusing. You have to enter the Camera app in landscape mode and exit the app to enter the landscape mode. You WILL be stuck in landscape mode till you reboot the phone.

Whats not working:–

  • No audio output.
  • Wi-fi is broken.
  • Camera is broken.
  • SD-Mounting is broken.
  • No data connection.
  • No SMS or phone calls.
  • Gallery Force Closes.

Please note that these are not the only bugs, you may actually encounter more issues than the ones stated above, so read carefully if you have already decided on giving this ROM a shot.

Here is some screen shots :–

Ok then now if you have finally decided that you are going to give a try to this rom then proceed


  1. Rooted htc hero.
  2. Clockwork Recovery.
  3. Rom zip Download from here.

Installing Rom:–

Most important :– Make a nandroid backup first.

  1. Boot to recovery.
  2. Select flash zip from sd card.
  3. Select the downloaded .zip file and hit install .
  4. When done reboot and enjoy…

For more update see the official post here


iphone Backup tool [Contacts/Photos/SMS/Calls/Notes/Callender]

The iPhone Backup Extractor is an easy-to-use program to extract files from an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G s iTunes backup. It is useful for restoring AppStore applications, SMS histories, contact lists, call histories, photographs and other data that might otherwise be inaccessible. The registered version can automatically convert the extracted Apple databases into CSV format, so they can be easily imported into Excel, Outlook, or Webmail.

Download this app here.

How to Install Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) on iPhone 3G / 2G from the phone (GUI Mode)

>If you love the Android But cant Buy a new mobile so this is fore you INSTALL ANDROID 2.2 ON YOUR IPHONE 3G/2G.

(Still do it on your own risk)

Here its how to do it


  • iPhone 3G: iOS 4.1, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0, 3.1.3 and 3.1.2, , 4.0, .1, 4.0.2.
  • iPhone 2G: iOS 3.1.3 and 3.1.2.
  • Your iPhone Must be jailbroken.

Step 1

Open Cydia. Go to Manage > Sourcesand add the following Source/repo:

install android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhone

Step 2

Once you’ve added the above mentioned repo, go to Search tab, search for Bootlace and install it.

install android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhone

Step 3

  • When done, press the Home button to close Cydia. Now open Bootlace from your iPhone Springboard.
  • Bootlace will download the kernel and patch it then.
  • Once done, Reboot your iPhone.

install android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhone

Step 4

  • Open Bootlace. Hit the OK button.
  • Select iDroid tab at bottom and then hit the Install button.

install android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhone

Step 5

Tap the OK button. Bootlace will download and install android on iPhone.
install android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhone

Step 6

Once the Android installation process is completed, go to OpeniBoot tab at bottom and hit the install button.
install android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhone

Step 7

  • Once done, tap on the Configure button.
  • Make your choice, and hit save button.

install android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhone
Go to Quickboot tab and tap on Android to boot your iPhone into Android 2.2.1 Froyo.
install android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhoneinstall android 2.2.1 froyo on iPhone

NOw you will get a dual boot menue at the startup switch between options by volume key and hit the home key to select


Install cracked Apps And games on your iphone

>to be able to install the cracked apps on your iphone you will fist have to jailbreak it and then install this patch
1. Open  Cydia.
2. Add the following source:
3.  Now search for AppSync in Cydia
4. install correct version for your ios
5. Reboot your device.
6. install any free app through itunes on your pc
7. Now download your favourite app from here, and install through itunes….

thats it now you have full version of any apps on your iphone that also for free.

plz comment and let me know if its works….
EnjoY @@@@@@@@@@

How To Downgrade iPhone 3G From iOS 4.x To iPhone OS 3.1.3

>If you have seen a performance deterioration and want to downgrade your iPhone 3G to the previous version then this this tutorial lwill take you through the step-by-step process to downgrade from iOS 4 to iPhone OS 3.1.3

Step 1: Download iPhone OS 3.1.3
click here to download

Save a copy of this iOS firmware on your computer desktop

Step 2 : Download RecBoot
 Download this tool by click here and save it to your computer desktop.

Step 3 : Set iPhone To DFU Mode

(a) Plug your iPhone to the computer
(b) Switch OFF the iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button. Swipe across the ‘Slide to Power Off‘ option to turn your iPhone off
Steve JObs email on Hold and Wireless syncing
(c) press the power button for 2 second (apple logo appears), press and hold the iPhone Home button for ten seconds (screen goes black).
(d) You can now release the Sleep/Wake button while the Home button is kept in the pressed state (till pc sounds for hardware connection).
(e) now relese the home button.
Step 4: Restore iPhone 3G using iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware
open itunes and select shift+restore and let the process run.
iTunes might throw 1011, 1013 or 1015 error as seen below. You don’t have to panic. It’s normal, just ignore this error as the firmware has been successfully installed on your iPhone 3G. You need to use RecBoot utility to exit out of recovery mode.

 You may require .NET 4.0 firmware for the application (
 to work.Click here to download Microsoft .NET 4 firmware.

Thats it you are now on ios 3.1.3 that runs as smooth as silk ………
for any problem contact through comments………..



Step 1

Download RedSn0w 0.9.6b5 for Windows  (use xp mode and run as administrator on vista or windows 7)

Download the desired firmware from here

Step 2

Connect your iDevice to the iTunes 10.1 and restore iOS 4.2.1/4.1.(how?)

Step 3

Once your iPhone is running iOS 4.2.1/4.1, execute the downloaded RedSn0w 0.9.6b5.

Step 4

Hit the Browse button and select the downloaded iOS 4.2.1/4.1 firmware. RedSn0w will recognize the firmware, now hit the Next button.

Step 5

Select Install Cydia and Install iPad Baseband options. This will add Cydia to iOS 4.2.1 and replace iOS 4.2.1 baseband with iPad 3.2.2 baseband 06.15.00. Hit Yes if you want to update baseband to unlock iPhone.

Step 6

RedSn0w will ask you to turn off your device. When it’s off and plugged in, hit the next button.

Step 7

Now you’ll be instructed to put your device into DFU Mode. Follow the on screen instructions.

Once your device goes into DFU mode, RedSn0w will start jailbreaking it. Once done, you can find the Cydia icon on your iPhone
That’s it. You’ve successfully jailbreak iOS 4.2.1/4.1 on iPhone 3G and now have baseband 06.15.00

Use facebook for free on your iphone (only in nepal)

>This is really cool if u have an iphone and ntc service(in nepal) then you can enjoy free unlimited facebook 
just follow these simple steps to do it :::::
1. download the free facebook app in the itune app store from ur pc or ur iphone(needs internet)
2. Now go to setting>general>network>and do this
     a. switch off 3g
     b. turn on cellular data
     c. enter to cellular data network & delet any setting if present (leave all field empty)
4. You are all set to run the facebook app from your spring boad ….

THATS IT ………….

Note:- if it does not work use “ntmms’ as APN rest leave as it is

plz comment and let me know if it works i may help solving the problem…
enjoy @@@